Fasteners in the solar energy sector: guaranteed quality in photovoltaic installations

Solar energy has established itself as a clean and sustainable energy source, driving the transition to a greener future. Photovoltaic installation projects play a fundamental role in this transformation, and the quality of the components used in them is crucial to guarantee the efficiency and durability of solar structures. In this sense, at Chavesbao we have positioned ourselves as a reference in the supply of solutions with high quality standards for the solar sector.

Commitment to quality
In the solar energy sector, it is essential to have high quality materials and components. At Chavesbao we understand this need with the guarantee of our commitment to offer products that comply with the highest quality standards.

We provide solutions in DIN, EN and ISO standardised fasteners for photovoltaic solar plant installations. In this way, photovoltaic solar energy installation companies and manufacturers of solar panel fastening and rotation supports can count on a wide range of products with a guarantee of quality. Screws, nuts, washers and threaded rods, both in carbon steel and stainless steel.

International certifications
Our experience of more than 50 years allows us to have suppliers that have the highest standards of international certifications recognised in the solar photovoltaic industry.
These certifications ensure that products meet rigorous technical standards and specifications. ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications ensure that the fasteners comply with quality and sustainability processes.

Solutions tailored to the needs of solar energy projects
We provide solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project. We understand that each photovoltaic installation may require particular characteristics, so we offer the service of special coatings that improve the corrosion resistance and durability of the fasteners.

These coatings, such as zinc nickel, hot-dip galvanising and other high-strength coatings, provide additional protection in harsh environments. In addition, we work with a number of national suppliers who hold IATF 16949 certificates, which guarantee a robust quality management system and the technical means to provide a coating service that performs according to the end customer’s requirements.
Through the salt spray chamber and the X-ray fluorescence coating thickness gauge, we carry out internal controls of coating thickness, chemical composition of the alloy and hours of salt spray according to ISO 9227, among other processes. All this in order to guarantee that the product complies with the requested specification.

Kitting and customised packaging
In addition to supplying high quality fasteners, we offer kitting and custom packaging services. Kitting consists of grouping the elements required for each solar structure into specific packages, facilitating management and speeding up the installation process. Likewise, customised packaging ensures that the screws are delivered in an operational and efficient manner, simplifying handling and reducing the risk of misplacement during transport and installation.

Therefore, in the solar energy sector, quality and reliability are key to the success of photovoltaic installation projects. As distributors of fasteners and welding, we focus our efforts on offering quality, international certifications and adaptability to the needs of our customers.

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