High strenght structural nuts

EN 14399-6 H BL

High-strength structural washer with CE-certified. Black

EN 14399-6 H ZP

High-strength structural washer with CE-certified. Zinc plated

EN 14399-6 H HDG

High-strength structural washer with CE-certified. Hot-dip galvanized

High-strength structural washers are used in applications where higher fatigue strength and increased safety are required, such as in the automotive industry or in construction, among others. In the catalogue you can find different models made of high-strength steel with various coatings: black -which improves the appearance of the metal-, zinc-plated -helps to prevent rust- and hot-dip galvanised -ideal for aggressive environments-.
Heavy duty structural washers for your projects

High-strength structural washers are ideal fasteners for applications where it is necessary to withstand high pressures over a long period of time. Their main characteristic is that they are made of high-strength steel, which guarantees safety at the time of application. Three varieties of steel with different coatings are available:

  • High-strength washer with black coating: suitable for protecting the material against corrosion.
  • High-strength washer with zinc-plated coating: this type of washer is used to prevent leakage and to insulate materials during application.
  • High-strength washer with hot-dip galvanised coating: these washers are perfect for protecting materials from oxidation caused by exposure to the environment.

Heavy duty washers are optimal for applications where safety and reliability are two crucial factors.