Other washers

DIN 6796 ZP

Conical spring washers zinc plated

Ref.: 1106202
It is a conical elastic washer manufactured in HRC>44 quality and zinc plated. It is used on bolts requiring high load and prevents loosening of the joint.
Size Code Pcs. Box PCS. Master EAN Box Weight (Pc/Kg) Technical Information
M4 110620204 2.000 0 8432569969016 0.00038
  • M4
  • d14,3
  • d29
  • h1,3
  • S1
M5 110620205 1.000 0 8432569935639 0.00069
  • M5
  • d15,3
  • d211
  • h1,55
  • S1,2
M6 110620206 1.000 0 8432569701883 0.0027
  • M6
  • d16,4
  • d214
  • h2
  • S1,5
M8 110620208 1.000 0 8432569017601 0.00313
  • M8
  • d18,4
  • d218
  • h2,6
  • S2
M10 110620210 500 0 8432569017618 0.00645
  • M10
  • d110,5
  • d223
  • h3,2
  • S2,5
M12 110620212 250 0 8432569017625 0.0124
  • M12
  • d113
  • d229
  • h3,95
  • S3
M16 110620216 100 0 8432569017632 0.0304
  • M16
  • d117
  • d239
  • h5,25
  • S4

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